Hit Wicket’s kitchen crafts home recipes, popular street & bar food from major cricket-playing nations: Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, South Africa, and the West Indies and are brought to life with locally-sourced ingredients and keeping the flavors authentic while adding our own flair.



Fresh View of the World

Twenty 20- Appetizers

 Caribbean Vegetarian Doubles     7

Spiced fried dough topped with masala chickpeas, onions & mint cilantro chutney

Rice Crepes    7  

Crispy crepes made with rice flour & mixed vegetables served with tomato, mint
chutneys & lentil powder

 Aussie Mini Lamb Rolls     7

Ground lamb & vegetables in a pastry roll, fried & served with spicy ketchup & jalapeno sauce

Chicken Wings       10

Choose from buffalo, grilled Jamaican jerk, spicy lentil powder or combo of any two 

Chicken Tenders        7

Choose from buffalo or original  

Masala Calamari       7

Marinated calamari tossed in our house spice mix and fried, served with pineapple lime cilantro chutney 

Jamaican Jerk Pork      8 

Grilled Pork in a spicy marinade & served with jerk sauce 

All Rounder – Samplers

Double Wicket      13 

Choose any TWO Appetizers

 Hat Trick     18  

Choose any THREE Appetizers 



Garden     6

Mixed greens, onions, tomatoes tossed in a lemon vinaigrette

 Tandoori Chicken   8

Tender grilled chicken in tandoori masala tossed with mixed greens, red onions, cucumbers, tomatoes
served with cucumber yogurt

Beachside Boiled Peanuts   7   

Boiled peanuts tossed with carrots, cilantro, red onions, raw green mangoes & chaat masala

One Day International- Light Entree

Fish & Chips  9

Batter fried fish in house spice mix served with pineapple lime cilantro & spiced mayo

Aussie Burger  11

Lamb Patty with sunny side egg, beet, onion & avocado with our house fries

Vegetarian Burger   8

Grilled black bean topped with tomato chutney, grilled onions, lettuce & tomato served with our house fries

South African Bunny Chow   8/10

Homemade bread bowl filled with your choice of chickpea or chicken masala served with our cucumber yogurt

 Crispy Yam Crepes  9

Composed of a batter of yam, rice, cumin & lentils served with basmati rice, onion chutney & sour cream

Test Match – Full Entree

Sliders    10/13 

Choose from potato with mint & date chutneys, jerk lamb with caramelized onions,
spiced chicken with caramelized onions, or a combination. Served with red
pepper yogurt & choice of a side

Trinidad Roti Wrap   10/12

Choose from spiced paneer, Goan chicken, minced lamb, scrambled eggs with peppers or a
combination. Served with red pepper yogurt and choice of a side

English Bangers and Mash   12

An Old World-Style chicken sausage served with Indian-style mashed potatoes & a rich onion gravy

Aussie Meat Pie    13   

Ground lamb, red onions, & thyme in a flaky crust on a bed of pea mash & topped with chipotle ketchup 

Aussie Veg Pie     10

Sweet potato, onions, celery, leeks in a flaky crust  

Pakistani Lamb Kebab  13

Grilled & minced lamb with ginger, garlic and spices served with basmati rice, onion curry & mint chutney

Bangla Smoked Fish  15

Whole fish coated in a paste of green chilies & turmeric smoked in a banana leaf,
served with rice, onion curry & tomato chutney

Pan Seared Goan Chicken   15

Chicken breast coated in a cilantro based paste served with mixed vegetable rice

New Zealand Stir Fry Spaghetti   10/15

SFire roasted tomato sauce & vegetables. Add Salmon or Crispy Shrimp   

Day’s – Vegetarian 10

Vegetable curry served with a choice of rice or rotis

Day’s – Non-Vegetarian   13

Meat or Seafood curry served with a choice of rice or rotis

Slips – Sides

Masala Pappad   3

Crispy lentil wafer topped with red onions, cilantro, carrots, & chaat served with
a cucumber yogurt dip

Crispy Okra   4

Sliced & fried okra tossed in flour & house spice mix

Masala Peanuts   4

Roasted peanuts topped with red onions, cilantro, green chili & chaat masala

French Fries  4

House cut potatoes tossed with sea salt & house spice mix

Plantain Chips   4

Sliced thin & fried, then tossed in a chili spice mix

Home-style Taro  4

Boiled & bridged with spices & fried

Mashed Potato (Indian Style)  3

Mixed with green chilies, red onions, cilantro & spices

End of Day’s Play- Desserts

Lankan Chocolate Marie Biscuit Pudding   6

Tea biscuits, layered with chocolate custard & strawberries topped with whip cream

Jamuns  7

Fried saffron dough balls soaked in rose water syrup accompanied with Ginger Ice cream 


 Soda    3

 Juices 3   

    Lassi   3       

San Pellegrino   3

Masala Tea  3

Coffee  3

Super Over – Kids

                               Chicken Tenders& Fries    5                        

          Mac & Cheese        5

                   Extra Roti for any dish – $1

All brunch items are served with a cup of coffee/tea or glass of juice

Our House Made Sauces – 511- Chipotle Ketchup, 711- Jalapeno & 911 – Habanero

Please inform your server of any food allergies and preference on spice levels

Gratuity of 18% will be added for Groups of 6 people & above





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